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Inner Mongolia's 3rd coal transportation channel emerges

The third coal transportation channel for Inner Mongolia in North China has gradually emerged with the initiation of the preliminary work of the construction of Junggar-Zhangjiakou railway.

The 306-kilometer Junggar-Zhangjiakou railway with a total investment of 28 billion yuan will be connected to the Zhangjiakou-Tangshan railway.

As a result, this Junggar-Zhangjiakou railway will help to form the third big channel to transport coal out of the Erdos production base in Inner Mongolia to Caofeidian in Tangshan. The new channel is expected to reach 400 million tons of transportation capacity in long-term.

Before the Junggar-Zhangjiakou railway, the two major coal transportation channels of Inner Mongolia are Baotou-Datong-Qinhuangdao and Baotou-Shenmu-Huanghua Port.

Inner Mongolia is one of the key coal production bases in China. Since 2009, the coal output has exceeded Shanxi, which used to be China's largest coal producer. In 2008, coal output in Inner Mongolia stood at 457 million tons, half of which was transported by railway.

So far, the feasibility study report on Junggar-Zhuangjiakou railway project has been finished and approved by the Ministry of Railways in March of 2009. So far the preliminary work is undergoing.

      ( Source:  2009-10-10 )
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